Introducing the New Cobham - 8800SX Service Monitor


   The NEW 8800SX expands upon the unprecedented features of the 8800 Series with a new 10 MHz external reference and new software capabilities to further speed testing of today’s Land Mobile Radio systems.

With its hybrid portable design, the industry’s largest color touch-screen display, ruggedness, internal battery, power accuracy, advanced automated test and alignment, fast VSWR/Return Loss and Cable Fault measurements, the 8800SX offers RF professionals a whole new experience in radio test.

MULTIVOICE    Wireless Intercom


Most radio communication systems allow for one-to-one and one-to-many communications on the same frequency.

MULTIVOICE’s patented Full-Multiplex™ technology creates a Many-to-Many Wireless Mesh-Network that allows up to 48 people the ability to simultaneously speak and Be Heard™ all at the same time (in 6 mini-groups of up to 8 people each).

By employing MULTIVOICE’s Full-Multiplex™ technology, multiple people can speak to each other without holding down Push-To-Talk buttons, thus avoiding any problems of network jamming.

Using DSP technology to reduce background noise and noise canceling mics, MULTIVOICE is ideal for construction, manufacturing, firefighting, law enforcement and many high noise environments.  Especially in situations where the users need one or both hands just to do their jobs effectively.

MULTIVOICE is your solution for high noise, hands free need.  Contact me today for a demo or more information.           Ω

Since 1976, Alster Communications has provided professional representation to the Pacific Northwest

Alster Communications is a manufacturers representative for the Celluar, Public Safety and Two-Way radio communication markets.  It was originally based in Boise, Idaho having been founded in October 1976 by Russ Ellsworth as a test equipment representative.


Effective January 2015, it is headquartered in Lolo, Montana and we provide full-service marketing and technical relations for our factories from each of our seven offices;


Main Office: Lolo/Missoula, MT - Cliff Peck

Remote Offices:

Anchorage, AK - Paul Merkouris

Mililani, HI - Teejay Nguyen

Chehalis, WA - Thad Parker

Mill Creek, WA - Steve Stouffer

Portland, OR - Brock Elam


Washington Federal Signal Specialists

Bellevue, WA - Kim Torp-Pedersen


We have a combined 92 years of selling experience of our products in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.  Alster Communications provides the expertise and creative talent to market your products.

Our Territory - The Pacific Northwest and Hawaii

We cover the entire states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington from the following seven offices:

Anchorage, AK

Mililani, HI

Portland, OR

Lolo/Missoula, MT

Bellevue, WA

Chehalis, WA

                                                          Mill Creek, WA


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Febuary 23, 2017


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