Alster Communications                  Manufacturers Representatives:

Handheld and Benchtop service monitors and spectrum analyzers for Public Safety and Two-Way Markets

Analyzers, Antennas, Power Monitor and Sensors, Handheld and Rackmount Spectrum Analyzers, as well as Signal Boosters.

Battery diagnostics and monitoring devices, analyzers and chargers for the Cellular, Public Safety and Two-Way Markets

Formerly Daniels Electronics - RX/TX modules for Base Station, Paging and Repeaters operations in analog, P25, Trunked and ISSI for the Public Safety and Two-Way                                Markets

Safety and Security Outdoor and Indoor Alerting and Notification systems warning for all hazards for the Public Safety and Two-Way Markets

Land mobile radio, amateur radio, marine radio, navigation products, aviation radio and communications receivers.

Interoperability Gateways with RoIP, SIP and RTP capability, Wide Area Interoperability, PTT over Cellular, Voting with NEW IP backhaul.

Offers the patented XIT Grounding System, ground resistance meters, engineering and superior educational programs for the Cellular, Public Saftey and Two-Way                                       Markets

Lightweight, heavy duty and tactical headsets, speaker-mics, 1-wire kits, 2-wire kits, 3-wire kits for the Public Safety and Two-Way Markets

Base, LTE, mobile, portable and rubber duck antennas from 30 MHz to 6 GHz for the Cellular, Public Safety and Two-                                   Way Markets  

Drive test and verification software for analog and P25 radio systems for all states except Washington in the Cellular, Public Safety and Two-Way Markets

TASC Systems manufactures wireless remote site monitoring and control system solutions for the telecom and two-way radio industries.

LMR flexible and superflexible 50 ohm cable, T-RAD radiating cable, SilverLine test cables as well as Times Protect Gas Tube, 1/4 Wave and Filter Lightning protections                             and entry panels  for the Cellular, Public Safety and Two-                                 Way Markets

           TXRX Combining Systems, Duplexers, Filters, Pre-Selectors,             Tower Top Amplifiers for the Cellular, Public Safety and Two-             Way Markets.

State of the art 911, call taker, emergency management dispatch consoles for Public Safety

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