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The Alster Team and Territories: 

Owner/Manager - Cliff Peck has worked with Alster since 2005. In 2022 he took over a new role helping support Alster Reps and Manufacturers in all areas.


Florence, MT 59833

406-360-8244- cliff@alster.comff@alster.com

Alaska/ Montana/ Idaho/ Eastern Washington - Brock Elam joined Alster in 2015 and covers Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington for all products and markets.



Missoula, MT 59803

503-504-6949 -  brock@alster.com


Oregon/ Southern Washington - Milt Thompson joined Alster in  2022 and covers Oregon, and Southern Washington for all products and markets.



Vancouver, WA 98662

480-290-9167 - milt@alster.com t@alster.com-milt@alster.com

Washington - Thad Parker has worked with Alster since 2003 and covers Northwestern and North Centeral Washington for all products and markets. 


Chehalis, WA  98532

360-219-5881 - thad@alster.com

Colorado/ Wyoming/ Utah- Mark Sexton joined Alster in 2019 and covers many of our products and markets in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.



Castle Rock, CO 80109

303-329-9903 - mark@alster.com


Hawaii- Teejay Nguyen joined Alster in 2015 and covers many of our products and markets in Hawaii.



Mililani, HI  96789

808-864-9965 - tnguyen@alster.com

Alaska - Paul joined Alster in 1991 and covers Federal Signal for Alaska.




Anchorage, AK 99507

907- 344-9674​ paul@dbmsale.comul@dbmsale.com

Accounts Receivable/Commissions/Aces Roadshow Coordinator - Neil Marie Peck joined Alster in 2015. 





Florence, MT 59833

406-544-5731 - admin@alster.commsale.com

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