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Alster Communications is a Manufacturer’s Representative for the Cellular, Public Safety and Two-Way radio communication markets.  Alster was started in 1976 by Russ Ellsworth as a test equipment representative. In 1997, Steve Stouffer purchased the company and ran it until 2015. In 2015, Cliff Peck purchased Alster and continues to run it with the highest level of integrity. Alster has a combined 94 years of selling experience of our products.

Alster Team and Territories:

Owner/Manager - Cliff Peck came to Alster from a 2-way radio dealer in 2005. He has worked as a rep with Alster since 2005 covering MT, ID, and Eastern WA. In 2022 he took a new role helping support Alster Reps and Manufacturers in all areas.


Florence, MT 59833

406-360-8244- cliff@alstercom.comff@alster.com

Alaska/ Montana/ Idaho/ Eastern Washington - Brock Elam joined Alster in 2015 and covers Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington for all products and markets.



Missoula, MT 59803

503-504-6949 -  brock@alstercom.com


Oregon/ Southern Washington - Milt Thompson joined Alster in  2022 and covers Oregon, and Southern Washington for all products and markets.



Vancouver, WA 98662

480-290-9167 - milt@alstercom.com t@alster.com-milt@alster.com

Washington - Albert Farmer joined Alster in 2023 and covers Northwestern and North Centeral Washington for all products and markets. 


Vancouver, WA  98682

812-201-1092 - albert@alstercom.com

Colorado/ Wyoming/ Utah- Mark Sexton joined Alster in 2019 and covers many of our products and markets in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.


Castle Rock, CO 80109

303-329-9903 - mark@alstercom.com


Hawaii- Teejay Nguyen joined Alster in 2015 and covers many of our products and markets in Hawaii.



Mililani, HI  96789

808-864-9965 - tnguyen@alster.com

Alaska - Paul Merkouris joined Alster in 1991 and covers Federal Signal for Alaska.




Anchorage, AK 99507

907- 344-9674​ paul@dbmsale.comul@dbmsale.com

Accounts Receivable/Commissions/ACES Roadshow Coordinator - Neil Marie Peck joined Alster in 2015. 





Florence, MT 59833

406-544-5731 - admin@alster.commsale.com

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